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 Posted: Tue Sep 1st, 2009 01:15 am
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oagaspar wrote: elemental wrote: oagaspar wrote: Awesome combo Trent!....the Nato and Zulu straps all work perfect imo and a molded strap similar to the Dievas Divergraph would be cool! it is on a very soft J&S Brownie that fills the lug area pretty good too!...I'm thinking I'll order this Dievas premium strap for the Vortex in wavy tan/blk.stitch hand6.gif

you gonna cut that pretty strap....because unless i missed it, there is no 22mm option...and it saddened me .hah


the J&S brownie I have on the Vortex now is 24mm and from the looks the Dievas premium is also a supple leather and will fit nice and snug at 24mm in the 22mm lugs...from my experience these stitcheless straps fill the lugs nicely a size larger hand6.gif

good to know..  i may try and squeeze the scs elk on it.. tight are the screws on the

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