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 Posted: Sat Oct 3rd, 2009 02:12 am
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This has become an interesting topic (regarding the bezel type of either count-up or count-down). 

I have seen many pics of sub-#30 Vortexes without the count-down bezel which was why I was really surprised to see bozz's (bozz's is the only Vortex I have seen so far with the count-down bezel which is why I assumed that Anders provided this one as a custom mod). least a few here at 3T have Vortexes from the single digit serial #'s.

I would say that I generally prefer the regular count-up bezel type...seeing this one definitely had me doing a double take.

Hey Anders...can you comment on what options you have going on based on Vortex serial #'s.

Thanks in advance.

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