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 Posted: Wed Jun 22nd, 2011 05:50 am
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bigrustypig wrote: FnuSnu99 wrote:
Here are at least two pics (but only one of a nato unfortunately, wife has the camera so only old pictures) But the last picture is on a distressed leather zulu, and my favorite on the Vortex for sure:0)

Will take a few more of natos when I get the camera back.

WOW! Rolf, you look like you've been hoarding some straps for Christmas. subtlelaugh.gif. Impressive variety you have there.
Ehhh, and that`s just the ones I could cram into one picturedog smile.gif
Let`s just say I`ve had some time on my hands Jeff (no pun intended;0) lately, so have been making A LOT of straps (sold a few, but got more than enough left for my own OCD still, hehe, as u can see )
And Halvis, the sum of bad habbits is constant, so like I tell the wife ..."out of all the "bad" things I could be doing, making straps and collecting watches is pretty darn nice if you ask me ..." Hehe. But, might just have to admit myself to a strap-rehab program, u never know
But, this thread was about Bond zulus on Vortex, so I will get with the program here bad:0)