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 Posted: Mon Jul 11th, 2011 02:15 am
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So I sent off my Vortex (#131) to the nice folks at MCWW to get regulated along with my SKX173. Two birds with one stone kinda thing. I never officially tracked the loss/gain of the Vortex. I should have done it anyway as a baseline. I got an email from them today with the following results.. Looks like the factory already did a good job of getting it regulated. bravo.gif Jay said he'll make fine adjustments if necessary once it's on my wrist and I actually keep track of it this time. The below figures are unadjusted by MCWW.

Dial Up            rate = +3     Amplitude = 275      beat error = 0.1
3:00 down       rate = +9     Amplitude = 254      beat error = 0.1
12:00 down     rate = +1     Amplitude = 260      beat error = 0.0