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 Posted: Tue May 13th, 2014 03:43 pm
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Confirmed like this:

"Dear Hans,

Thank you for your quick response.  I would like to purchase the part.  Please mail it to me at:
(My address)

Send me an invoice or payment information, and I will send the money immediately."

I thought that was a clear commitment to buy, as were the multiple follow up emails. As for purchasing the date wheel from Ofrei, it's my understanding that they do not have one of this type. The crown at 8, display window at 6 is something no manufacturers other than Dievas do, as far as I know. Jay at Motor City Watch Works, who is doing the work for me, has tried all of his usual sources for parts and has been unsuccessful at finding one. He even tried to get Sellita to print one specifically for my project.

If you're curious, my modification is adding a date complication to a Vortex Professional. It's a wonderful watch, but I consider a date display to be essential. I also own a Vortex, and did this same modification, including purchasing a date wheel from Dievas, about a year ago. You can understand my frustration at not being able to do so now.

I'm curious about your statement that you've heard of this type of issue before; are you saying that it's common for Dievas to mislead customers?