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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 01:18 am
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srh_pres wrote: Griff... glad you can finally put it on the wrist (officially that is).   Let me know what you think of the strap - am trying to find a blue one to put on my yellow-dial oceanaire...

zippofan wrote:
Finally getting to wear it!
This is a huge presence on my wrist, just shy of being too big.  I think the lug design makes it a comfortable watch to wear.  You'll never forget you have it on!

Running +15 over 2 days, I'll let  you know how it settles in.


Hi Steve,

The strap is  pretty good, thick enough to balance the weight of the watch, plus not too stiff (like some Seiko dive straps).  It isn't Italian rubber soft, but not bad.  I really like it, though I prefer rubber straps on my dive watches for the most part :)