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 Posted: Thu Oct 7th, 2010 04:13 am
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I had the honor of receiving a regular customer from the States in our boutique a couple of days ago. And he posed me a couple of questions which I think everyone will be interested to know.

Everyone at Dievas have been working overtime in the last 12-15 months making sure the brand as a company moves forward. Primary goal for the immediate future is to make sure that our customers and dealers are confident Dievas will go in the right direction, continue to invest in technology and keep the watches fresh and attractive. If u are in manufacturing business, u will notice a major shift of manufacture to locations with a much lower labor cost, which might not always come with same high quality.

Dievas watches will be made from parts made in the region of Germany and Switzerland to help boost the local economy and keep watchmaking in the region. We believe that working with partners of close proximity will improve communication and save logistics cost.

Some of the more important pointers that were discussed are as follows.

1. Parts from our watches (ie case, dial, crystal, hands, movement) will be made in Swiss and Germany surrounding regions.

2. Employ 2 project managers (1 in swiss n 1 in germany), they will liase and physically visit our suppliers to ensure a close relationship and keep the quality of our parts.

3. Invest and look for new technology applicable for watchmaking. Making sure our watches are using the latest technology.

4. Design and manufacture at least a new watch collection every year with 'unique' feel like the Aqualuna and Vortex, which may not really appeal to everyone but stay true Dievas mission of being unique.

5. Improve contact and feedback with our watch owners, WIS and specialist personnel.

6. A lot of Swiss and German watch companies are outsourcing to cut cost and increase profits. Dievas will try to use as many parts made in the Switzerland and Germany as possible. Selling direct to cut logistical and administrative cost and lower margins. At the moment this can be done.

7. Foreign countries like China, HK produce good parts but they operate in huge economy of scale. Find a win/win business plan to try and educate current and new buyers that you can still procure a true German/Swiss watch without spending ridiculous money.

8. Starting October/November 2010 till December 2011 we will have a series of introduction. And I hope everyone will like them.

Yours Sincerely
Dievas Watch Company

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