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 Posted: Sat Jul 2nd, 2011 06:57 am
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Before anyone say’s it, I’ll say it for you. Pops’ has got to one hardheaded individualdog smile.gif

I’d like to ad that I really wish I learned to appreciate Zulu/Nato’s before I started this project. Because if I did, I would have abandoned this idea before it began. It sure would have saved me quite a few bucks.

For example; Benarus Bead Blasted Mesh + Strapcode PVD Super Engineer five link bracelet + Boschett Ratcheting Dive Buckle + PVD coating removal and bead blasting by Jay (MCWW) = Total Coin Spent ….

Now that I got that out of the way and the reason for this update. I received the bracelet from Jay a few days a go and I’d like to ad that Jay does great work!

However, as I'm typing this post, guess what I'm wearing with my Vortex?  ............. Give Up?

My Zulu/Nato, Go figure, huh?....Is that stupid or what?.....

I know my what my Grandma would say to this...."So Desu Ka, Baka'tade No"?

Translation: "Is that so, that's pretty stupid huh"?....LOL


PS At least I can laugh at myself....

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