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 Posted: Sat Apr 21st, 2012 08:51 am
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I think there is some history behind this watch.

Seems its was originally a Rolex model in the past (mid 90's, i don't know),
Panerai probably created a homage of this model. I could be horribly wrong, so please forgive me if so.

Speaking of homages, this Dievas 6152 is not homage to me. Its unique in its own special way. If Anders is reading, i beg you to produce similar models.

PS: 6152 is waiting for the Stevo Strap i ordered last week. Will post pictures of the 6152 in the new strap when i have it ready

PS: Me is waiting for my RXW 20 (most awaited) and O&W XXL to arrive this week. Will post these on the appropriate forum.