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Shad.ow (ˈʃædəʊ) — noun — a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light. A shade or comparative darkness.
That is the consciousness attached to the new Dievas Shadow from our tactical range of field watches. A spy name that copulates visions of secrecy and imagination. The inspiration is to design a watch loaded with the best technology whilst not compromising visual impact and at the same time be versatile enough to be used on a daily basis.

Only the best parts are used in the manufacturing of the watch, no expenses sparred. Starting from the heart is the movement. A high grade swiss ETA 2824 modified to Dievas specifications and also include a custom Dievas DLC-treated CNC rotor. Each watch is adjusted to 5 positions to its maximum efficiency for the most accurate time telling by our experienced watchmakers.

The watchcase - CNC and milled in Germany from locally sourced high grade 316L stainless steel. Upon close inspection of the case, one can marvel at the precision we apply whilst turning the steel rods. We employ tight tolerances making sure every angle and contours are burred according to our specifications to an exact millimeter. After inspecting the case for imperfections, our trained perfectionist minded well experienced watchmakers will manually finish the case.They are good at what they do because their singular job at the atelier is to hand finish cases all day and nothing else. The process is extremely time consuming and painstakingly repeated till the desired finished is attained to their satisfaction. This adds a level of sheen akin to a high quality watch case to the surface.

It might already sound like too much work but the Dievas Shadow case is not anywhere close to done yet. After the case is hand finished, the metallurgy enhancements begins. During this stage, the watch case grows up, from a private to a mission veteran. We want the watches to not just be visually appealing but also survive the harsher environments when put into real field use. Dievas together with one of the europe's most established materials engineering company, partner to implement 6STEEL hardening to watchmaking. For around 20 days, the steel will undergo high tech heating procedures that will amplify the hardness of the watchcase to 1300Hv, approximately 6 times the hardness of stainless steel. This greatly improves scratch and abrasion resistance. For a evil stealthy look befitting the title SHADOW, a black plasma coat is applied on top of the hardened 6STEEL layer, This plasma black layer at 1800HV is even harder then the 6steel treated steel. Granted, most of these expensive and time consuming high tech tech steel modifications are for most part impervious to the naked eye, deemed unnecessary and over the top for most watch manufactures, Dievas chose the higher ground just so we can give watch owners value added protection in ensuring their cherished Dievas timepiece will remain looking like brand new for extended periods of time and feasibly even lapsing a person's lifetime. The 6STEEL treatment is applied to the whole watch including the midcase, bezel, crown, caseback. it is worth mentioning that the 6STEEL treatment is only available to be used on DIEVAS watches.

Poised with a striking physique, A Dievas Shadow caliper checks in at 45mm x 54mm x 14.5m. Encompassed by a 0-60 click uni directional bezel, a large swiss made anti glare high dome sapphire crystal offers protection over a conspicuously fascinating dial and hand set. Drawn in-house by our young graphics designers, the dial focuses on micro detailing whilst endorsing the stealth/ lo-lite theme. There are 4 different shades of blackness on the dial alone, acting as the backdrop and accentuating the dazzling original Dievas bright colored hands. The yellowish highlighted color is actually thick coatings of custom designed swiss SuperLuminova pigments, chosen for its dual capability of having high visibility both during the day and in low light/night conditions. One can easily tell time at a quick glace, which is important for a watch made for field operators. The Shadow is conservatively rated at 500metres water resistance(WR). A double O-ring 8mm screw down crown occupies the lower left hand corner for easy time adjustments.

As a complete package, a custom molded rubber strap with black plasma coated German milled stainless steel deployant clasp add legs to the watch. We use a soft pliable variant rubber from Italy to ensure the wearer has a comfortable and easy fit. Extra waterproof leather boost the options whichever way one choose to wear the watch.

Our mission is to make an extremely durable watch suitable for the avid professional diver as well as military personnel. This means cutting down on watch-servicing intervals and bulking up the metallurgy composition. Every part of the watch including the caseback is hardened 6STEEL. Even if the watch is rated conservatively at 500 meters WR, each shadow is individually tested for way beyond its WR before leaving the factory to ensure a no-leak policy.

Nothing is really what is seems. Uncluttered, simple and striking upon initial glances, it is the multitude of intricate preparation work that goes into manufacturing such a hi tech watch that wins over the critics. We try to attain the highest quality level for every watch part. The Dievas Shadow is a covert watch which not only have the looks but also credibility to back it up.

Price: $1430

The Dievas SHADOW is Made in Germany.

- Swiss Made Dievas modified ETA2824-2 automatic movement
- Dievas 6Steel BLACK - Hardened Steel; Scratch Resistant
- Uni-directional rotating bezel
- SuperLuminova luminous
- 45mm diameter
- 14.5mm thick
- 54mm lugs to lugs
- 500m Water resistant
- Swiss Grade A Sapphire crystal with anti reflective inside
- 22mm Molded anti-static Italian rubber strap with machined heavy duty deployant clasp and diver suit extension
- Additional waterproof leather strap & changing tool

First delivery will be from 29.OCT.2012.

Please contact or PM me for ordering information.

The watch is limited and serial numbered.

Or you can place a order at:
Dievas SHADOW Order Page

Hope you guys like it.

Dievas Uhren Technik