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 Posted: Wed Nov 20th, 2013 04:01 am
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Blackwolf wrote:
IMHO first thing first is not easy to made the dial because Maya is a anti-magnetic watch, and the anti-magnetic include the dial. This may contribute to why Ander decided not to include the " Made In Germany " on Maya.

This is actually a painful decision in term of marketing the watch.

The anti-magnetic dial would be a dial with a double layer of soft iron under the normal dial or a dial fully made in anti-magnetic material: Nothing else…
What ever you write on the dial concerns the first layer or the surface of the dial and is anyway only a paint job which has nothing to do with the anti-magnetism property. Any anti-magnetic metal can receive a full paint job.
If you can write "antimagnetic" on the dial, you can certainly write "Made in Germany"
I was more pointing at the fact that Anders might didn´t get it printed because the watch might be assembled in another country than Germany.
Now I don´t know why and how but it don´t seems like Anders is decided to point out the final reason since I believe that he read his own forum corner at 3T.
He might also not connect any deep interest in what is written on the dial…After all, it´s a matter of opinion and need.