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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2008 05:51 am
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Thank You everyone once again. We r very happy with the overall product. We started thinking about alternatives a while back and thought DLC was the best option for the time being. So we began contacting a different specialist coating firms to work on it. We found that not all DLC r the same, there is significant variations in colour, texture, durability, hardness etc2. Also we had to prep the watch be4 sending it for DLC, diff grains of beatblasting, polishing, satin brushing etc2 yield a totally outcome. All in all i reckon we went through about 10-15 cases be4 getting the right result we really wanted. We used state of the art technology to get it done and the the one we use is PACVD-DLC.

All the time n money spent is still justifiable i guess,  at least now we have a better idea of the treatment and use them in our upcoming dievas watches. I believe the price is still reasonable , we had to send the prepped cases to germany to get it done. wrapping and packing the screws, the lugs etc2. its a chore i tell u! Most of the cost went into prep work, watchmaking fees, freight and the DLC coating itself etc2. tbh, i think we made more selling the normal vintage pieces than the AGP. lol.

The good thing is, the german coating firm is willing to listen n work together and they r one of the best in their field. they got a few new patented treatments, coating which we intend to find applicable uses for in our watches. 

Stay tuned guys!