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Joined: Fri Jan 1st, 2010
Posts: 2
Hi. I really want Dievas vintage 3646 and/or Zeta Phantom but I'm worried about them being uncomfortable for my 6.5" wrist. These are big watches. I'm a smaller guy. What are your experiences?


Joined: Sat Apr 11th, 2009
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Greg788, I have a 6.75 inch wrist and have no problems wearing 46mm and 48mm watches. I have 2 Dievas Black Diamonds, an Aqua Luna and Kampy. They are all relatively big. It's really a matter of personal choice and taste.

If you want to know how it feels like to wear a "big" watch without having to spend the higher amounts abd regretting it later, check out the lower-priced Seiko Frankenmonster first. Buy it, wear it a few weeks and see how it goes. If you like it and the way it wears ---and how the bigger watch may snag some of the things around you---then you'd know how the big Dievas line of watches will wear.

If you don't like it, you'd only be cash out a fraction of the price of a Dievas 3646 or Zeta.

Hope this helps.

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